I am a marketer....

Young girl wearing a new backpack holding two thumbs up.

I am also a marketer’s dream.  Buy more, save more.  Apply for a retailer credit card and save 30%.  Loyalty card?  Sign me up!  My husband does not get it, but these are the things that fuel my shopping behavior – I am apt to buy more with you if I am getting a “deal”. 

Well, with a 4 ½ year old starting school this year, I am experiencing a whole new level of marketers.  From brick & mortar and online retailers to CPGs, these guys are good!  Target, Amazon, Staples, Pottery Barn Kids, my favorite grocery store….they all know just what we need to fulfill the school supply list, to make our little ones stylin’ with their backpacks and to build a well-nourished lunchbox.  With their Buy One Get Ones, ‘lowest prices of the season’, everything x% off, huge school bus displays and pencils hanging from the ceiling, it’s hard not to get in the mood for BTS.  Gap Kids even puts outfits together online as their favorite looks for the season, how do you not trust those trendy experts?? 

The retailers are where we make the purchase, but the manufacturers are in the game too.  Kellogg’s, Mott’s, Kraft, General Mills, Smuckers, Campbell’s, Dannon the list goes on and on.  They all have great ideas for filling a lunchbox - healthy foods, fun snacks, nut-free products, containers perfect for little hands, ideas for picky eaters – and are making it easier for this mom to prepare for the hectic days (and mornings) ahead. 

So tonight as I pack my baby’s snazzy new backpack with pencils, markers, glue sticks and her lovey; put all the fun, healthy food in the matching lunchbox, and lay out the first day of school outfit I will not be melancholy.  How could I be when I now have my 3 new credit cards, a new sweater that was free with a purchase of a child’s sweater, gallons of ‘free’ gas for my car, and a certain retailer’s ‘cash’ that I can use next month.  And all because I got the best deals of the BTS season.   Bring it on marketers, this mama is ready!!