Twitter Launches Promoted #Stickers

Sparkshoppe! Logo on a Twitter sticker. Features “Marketing. Digital. Insights.” text above a trophy icon.

Monday August 15th Twitter expanded their #Stickers function to finally include Promoted Stickers. This means that brands can now create and promote custom stickers for anyone on Twitter. Not only will these stickers be featured in the #Stickers library but they act as visual hashtags, just like the normal stickers. This means that the sticker itself is a hashtag and will allow consumers and brands to follow and engage with the people who are using the Promoted stickers.

The announcement of Promoted Stickers by Twitter was promptly followed by the announcement of an exclusive launch partner, Pepsi. They will be the first brand to utilize the Promoted Stickers function. Pepsi’s launch will share nearly 50 custom stickers across 10 markets for fans to use as part of their global PepsiMoji campaign.

Earlier this year, Pepsi launched their “Say It with Pepsi” Campaign which unleashed more than 600 proprietary “PepsiMoji” Designs onto billions of bottles, cans and phones. People all around the world get to use these 600 different emoji to express themselves and relate to the Pepsi Brand. These emoji’s can be used by anyone who downloaded the keyboard app from Pepsi. The designs range from globally relevant and locally significant imagery to fun and interactive emoji’s that can be used for everyday activities. The exclusive launch rights for Promoted Stickers allows Pepsi to bring this campaign to life online like never before. They can see real time interactions from consumers and see how they are using their brand to communicate to others. This can provide insights on how to better reach targeted markets. This marks the largest partnership between Pepsi and Twitter.

Pepsi is the first of many brands that will try to optimize their digital marketing campaigns using Twitter’s Promoted Stickers. This is just another tool that marketers can use to relate to their consumers. Emoji’s and stickers are becoming more and more popular among online communities and may be the next big thing that companies will need to use to succeed in the digital space.  

This move by Twitter wasn’t a shock for most. Twitter has been trying for months to find ways to find a way to utilize their roughly 300 million active users and become profitable. Stickers or Emoji’s have been largely successful on other apps like Line (Instant Messaging App), and Snapchat (Photo & Video App). Line made $270 million or a little less than 1/3 of their revenue from branded stickers. Snapchat was one of the first apps to include photos with added stickers and became an instant hit. They have only just begun to play with the idea of branded stickers but it seems to be a viable option for brands and Snapchat to increase their popularity. Twitter hopes to have the same success on their platform.

Whether or not Promoted Stickers is the solution to Twitter’s financial woes or not, I am optimistic that this is a step in the right direction for the Social Media Giant. All companies competing in this space must adapt and even take some risks in order to stay relevant in the ever-changing digital era.