What is a Digital Brand Audit?

When it comes to talking about your brand online, do you have a strategy?  What are your strengths and conversely, are there areas for improvement?  Are you posting online too much or not enough and is your content relevant, engaging and “on-brand”? How is your online presence compared to competition? Today’s digital environment has changed the way an organization communicates with their target audience. The SparkShoppe team can uncover areas of opportunity and help connect and engage with your audience in the digital and social space!  

Computer with phones and iPads laid on top of it.

Because of the dynamic nature of the digital world, it is important to examine your brand regularly to see how you are represented online.  At SparkShoppe we recommend taking a step back to assess your digital presence and look at it from an outside perspective.  Is your message coming across as intended and is it in your brand language, are you hitting all social and digital avenues, how is your cadence and most importantly, is your message compelling for the intended audience?  Having a digital audit done is the best way to evaluate your online strategy and outcome, and to see if there is any opportunity to refine your online marketing plan.  An audit covers an examination of all the areas of digital such as: content marketing, SEO, and social media.

In today’s fast paced work environment it’s sometimes difficult to stay on top of the ever-changing digital space, but it’s also important to ensure your brand is best represented online. A few of the many benefits from a digital audit include seeing an increase in your brand awareness, generating engagement with your target audience, understanding how well your website is running, setting your company apart from competition, and so much more! It is time to refine your brand’s online presence with the help from SparkShoppe!

Is your company due for a brand audit? Contact SparkShoppe today to get started!

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