The Snapchat vs. Instagram Stories battle continues...

Instagram just launched face filters to directly compete with the popular filters on Snapchat. As of today there are only 8 filters, but with a promise to add more, this could be the winning advantage Instagram has been looking for. In Facebook’s plan to gain more Snapchat loyalists, this augmented reality features may be the key. After all, it's not uncommon to watch an Instagram story and see someone post a photo using a filtered picture they took on Snapchat.

The new filters were launched at the same time Snapchat added new sponsored lens options that not only add filters to selfies, but also to your other surroundings using the rear camera. With it’s disappointing growth after going public and generating less-than-expected ad revenue, Snap Inc. should be more than worried. If Instagram and Facebook Stories continue to blatantly "borrow" the most popular features from Snapchat, Snap Inc. may face more hurdles not only in growth, but also in keeping existing users on the app.

Selfie of Sparkshoppe’s digital marketing strategist, Sara Lilkas, displaying an Instagram filter with a Sparkshoppe location sticker.