4 Ways to Get Creative with Photoshop!



Even if you are not a graphic designer, it is possible to take a mediocre photograph and transform it into a standout graphic for an ad or social media post. While Photoshop is difficult to master and can take years to learn all of its features, it only takes a few short tutorials to be well on your way to designing creative pieces that can make you feel like an artist. If you’re a marketer looking for fresh images to promote a brand and want to be able to create graphics yourself, read below for 4 ways to get creative with Photoshop.


1) Get Rid of Red Eyes and Tiny Imperfections

Whether you're building an ad or trying to get the best Instagram pic possible, knowing how to use touch-up tools is a must. Photoshop now has a red eye removal tool that can remove red eye with the click of a mouse. Need to hide that monstrous pimple or fly that landed on your forehead right before the picture was snapped?  The spot healing brush tool can instantly hide small imperfections.


2) Manipulate Images with Warps, Skews and Transformations

Have you ever needed to swap out an iPhone interface image, or switch a computer screen for another project and couldn’t figure out how to align those corners? Transformations are a great way to match angles, adjust perspectives, or make something visually appealing. You’ll find these tools listed under Edit>Transform on the top navigation bar.

3) Enhance Hues/Vibrancy/Saturation

It’s amazing what you can do with the hue/saturation tools, or curves and levels. Take an overexposed or dull photo and make it vibrant and colorful.

Find these tools under Image>Adjustments

Find these tools under Image>Adjustments

4) Add Fonts

Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but adding text to your graphic can give it a whole new meaning. It’s extremely simple to make your own memes and gifs using certain Photoshop tools. Make something hilarious or deep with the text tool on your left navigation.