Snapchat Success Stories

Cartoon hand holding a phone with the Snapchat logo displayed. Money is floating around the hand.

While Snapchat has proven to be a useful marketing tool, many companies still struggle to use it effectively. This is because Snapchat is vastly different from other major social media platforms and it can be a challenge to discover and develop content that will connect with audiences. It’s important to grasp the environment of Snapchat. The app itself promotes casual communication and updates which brands can and should embrace. This not only gives your brand an identity but also allows you to connect to your audience on a more personal level. 

When companies develop a strategy for Snapchat there are many things to keep in mind. The content that is designed to “Snap” should be informal but meaningful. Snapchat provides a unique opportunity to bring your audience behind the scenes of events, product launches, and other business activities. It allows customers to have a better idea of your business and what you have to offer, however, you may lose your audience if the content is overly promotional or formal. 

Companies such as Taco Bell, GrubHub, and Sour Patch Kids have all excelled at implementing various Snapchat strategies. Taco Bell was one of the first brands to take advantage of Snapchat. They initially gained a large Snapchat following organically through creative marketing campaigns. They interacted with fans with open-ended questions like “What Taco Bell Menu Item Are You?” and used stories as a tutorial for their Valentines Day eCards with one-liners like “Nacho average Valentine.”  This caused a large social buzz as their content went viral and in return they gained a huge following. Further, the company used Snapchat to launch new products like their Beefy Crunch Burrito which was a instant fan favorite. Ultimately, their creativity using Snapchat was able to captivate a large audience.

GrubHub Brand Ambassador program application process steps including “Snapchatting” doodles to Grubhub.

GrubHub, on the other hand, used Snapchat to transform a normal business task into something fun and engaging. They invited all their Snapchat followers to send their most creative doodles using the “Stories” feature to find their new intern. The company gained immediate buzz and engagement! They positioned themselves as a creative company and gained not only an intern, but a brand ambassador. 

Finally companies can use influencers to provide a “Snapchat takeover” which is exactly what Sour Patch Kids did when they launched their Snapchat profile. They allowed Logan Paul, a rising Vine star, to take over their Snapchat. He created a 5-day series of his adventures with a life-size Sour Patch Kid.  The pair would get into mischief and then make up for their wrong-doings. This not only created viral content but also stayed true to their “Sour then Sweet” slogan. Partnering with a top influencer has and will continue to be a good opportunity for brands to gain followers and create viral content.

Snapchat is all about creativity and being unique. Companies should remember the basics like using filters, adding links, keeping it short, curating a story, and to not worry about making it look overly professional. Treat your followers like your friends and invite them to interact with your company. Building a loyal fan base is all about interaction and communication. Whether you're new to Snapchat or you are an avid user, these are just some examples of how to stand out from the group on Snapchat.