Favorite Apps for Summertime

iPhone and headphones with seashells and starfish

Gas Buddy

Summer road trips? Covered! Gas Buddy provides a list of gas prices near your current location so that you can select the cheapest option. Never pay too much for gas again!

iOS Android

Water Reminder

Water Reminder sends a notification to your phone (or Apple Watch) to remind you to drink up! Water intake is always important, but it is even more important during the summer when the sun and heat are in full swing.

iOS Android


Locate your local CDTA Trolley with CityFinder! View real-time location updates for your city’s trolley service. Find restaurants, museums, entertainment, ratings, directions and more all in one app.  It’s perfect for weekend nights downtown! Visit cdta.org for more information about schedules and routes.

iOS Android

Map My Run

Looking to stay in shape this summer? Map My Run is a great app for tracking your distance, speed, elevation gain and progress. Not a runner? Map My Run tracks walks, cycling, swimming and hiking too!

iOS Android

Girl on CDPHP Bicycle

CDPHP Cycle!

CDPHP Cycle! Lets you easily explore your local city in a new, fun way. Use the app to purchase a membership, reserve a bike, and manage your account. The app also shows you where bikes are currently being used in real-time and where there are some available to be rented out. Try taking one for a spin on your next ride to work or lunch!

iOS Android

Trip Advisor

Discover new places to stay, eat and explore! Check Trip Advisor while traveling to see what others visitors have to say about popular locations. Read through past reviews, price check hotel rates or search for local deals.

iOS Android


Uber and Lyft can be a great option whether you’re heading out on a day trip or a night on the town and you don’t want to worry about finding parking. Consider ordering an Uber or Lyft for your next trip to the airport!

iOS Android


Waze is an app that provides directions, similar to Apple or Google Maps. Waze, however, goes beyond the traditional map apps by allowing users to send in information such as traffic jams, police officers and road hazards.

iOS Android


Are you looking to try something new but don’t want to break the bank to do it? Check Groupon for local deals! Groupon partners with businesses to offer steep discounts to get customers in the door.

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iPhone being set up for a fitness activity using the Map My Run app

Couch to 5K

Designed for non-runners, Couch to 5K provides guided jogs that gradually build your endurance up to a 5K level. Beginner workouts are often paired with interval training of sprints, jogs and walks. Later workouts are longer distances and have less recovery time between intervals.

iOS Android


Don’t waste precious moments of sunshine shopping in the grocery store. Utilize Instacart to select exactly the groceries you want and get them delivered right to your front door!

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Apple Watch Activity

Apple Watch Activity provides useful health insights like heart rate, calories burned, standing hours, and exercise. Sync the app with your Apple Watch and receive notifications to stand up or get moving if you’ve been idle for a while. Share daily activity with your friends for some healthy competition! (Pun intended)