Favorite Apps for Summer 2018

Person using iPhone and selecting apps on screen

As digital marketers we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting things coming to the digital landscape, including new apps. While we try to disconnect and enjoy the summer months, we still have our go-to apps that seem to make summer better! Check out our recommendations below:

  1. WaterIn: Keeping track of sunscreen isn’t all you have to worry about when spending time outdoors, making sure you are drinking enough water is beneficial to your overall health as well.  The average person should drink about a half a gallon of water each day.  The app, WaterIn, reminds you when it is time to drink some water, to prevent dehydration.

  2. Lyft: Summer is all about catching up with friends and exploring new places, but what if you don’t have a way to get around to check off all of those things on your summer bucket list? No need to worry, Lyft connects you with drivers nearby to bring you to where you need to go.

  3. Accuweather: Need to know if today is a good day to spend at the lake or if you should bring a sweater to dinner? Accuweather can help you in making any decision regarding the weather. 

  4. Packpoint: Packing for vacations can be stressful, Packpoint can help you to avoid those moments of questioning if you forgot something as soon as the plane takes off, because no one needs a Home Alone experience.  Packpoint allows you to make checklists for what you plan to pack, as well as offers packing suggestions based on where you will be traveling.

  5. GroupMe: Whether you have multiple group chats with your friends or family, GroupMe allows for easy communication among large groups of people.  You can share photos and videos and give the groups creative names.

  6. OpenTable: Making last minute dinner plans is fun until you have a to quickly call various restaurants to make a reservation. OpenTable minimizes the chaos and creates an easy dining experience, you can find restaurants based on the type of food you are looking for and can make a reservation with just the click of a button. The next time your friends decide that on a nice, warm summer night they would like to go somewhere with outdoor seating, you can use OpenTable to find just what you are looking for.

  7. Calm: Mediation is becoming a more and more popular way to unwind and relax, Calm offers free guided meditation to practice as often as you would like. 

  8. Venmo: If you never carry cash, Venmo is the app for you. Venmo allows you to have access to your bank account and transfer money to people.  It is very convenient for splitting the bill out to eat or paying people back when they buy coffee for the office. Venmo is also useful during the summer months when you are at the beach and the ice cream truck stops by but you left your wallet at home.

  9. Spotify: Either create your perfect summer playlist, get inspiration, from popular playlists, or share ideas with friends, Spotify is a great music app for just $10 a month. Until June 30th, Spotify Premium is being offered for only $0.99 for three months. The app also displays music that you might be interested in based on what you have previously listened to. Spotify allows you to keep up with popular music when you are on vacation and don’t have access to the radio during your morning commute.