Young woman holding a Lush product to demonstrate brand loyalty

Not only do the company’s products live up to the name, so does their customer engagement! LUSH cosmetics company does a fantastic job of engaging their customers. Not only do they have 250,000 Twitter followers, who they engage with constantly, but they also have 1.6 million Instagram followers! I have never once seen a tweet by a customer directed at LUSH go unnoticed or unreplied to.

LUSH is one of the best examples of a brand that can gain customer loyalty quickly and easily. They are able to do this by advocating for causes close to customers’ hearts in combination with having excellent products. Some of the causes they advocate for are LGBTQ+ rights, animal rights, and fair-trade ingredients which are used in most of their products. They sell entirely cruelty-free vegetarian or vegan products.

LUSH also cares about the environment. The company has started a Ban the Bead campaign, attempting to ban microbeads in face washes that don’t biodegrade and stay in lakes and rivers, polluting them. LUSH also tries to make as many of their products as they can “naked” meaning that they have no packaging. The products that do need to be packaged are made entirely of recycled materials and the company does a promotion where if a costumer brings in five empty containers to be reused, they can receive a free face mask! Through their environmentally-conscious stance alone, they gain customers who both want to save the environment and those who want to save money on products!

Although LUSH Cosmetics does not do traditional TV ads, which many companies rely on, they are able to reach out to customers through social media, including short clips featuring products, as well as through email and magazines. LUSH is a fantastic example of how a company can take a new approach to gain new customers and keep them through new digital tactics combined with superb products!