#ACleverStrategy In the Digital World

What To Wear flyer with a young man’s outfit details as a part of Guess’s digital marketing campaign analysis

Every single day, when you drag yourself out of bed and pick out an outfit, you’re choosing your personality for that day. Even if you have no interest in fashion, your clothes will, in some way, tell everyone a short story about who you are. Are you sophisticated? Casual? Elaborate? Comfortable?

Guess has chosen a personality for all of its customers: sexy, young and adventurous. These three words are incredibly clever because of their versatility. Who doesn’t want to be sexy, young and adventurous? Think about today’s society. The young people are always looking to flaunt their youth and make a statement. In the eyes of a young adult, the world is full of adventure and opportunity. The day you realize you are getting old, you look for ways to be young again. Guess shaped its brand to attract women and men of many different age groups.

 With the digital world quickly taking over, businesses, both big and small, are forced to adapt. Guess has used social media and technology to the fullest potential. A simple hash tag (#LOVEGUESS) has created a massive community of shoppers on the Internet. With a page on websites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, #LOVEGUESS allows customers, employees and fashion experts to communicate about Guess products. “Is this a summer or fall outfit?” “Which shirt goes better with these jeans?” “Is this dressy enough for a wedding?” Check out the page for #LOVEGUESS on Twitter to see these supporters in action.

With this hash tag, Guess can use its customers as marketers without spending a penny. In addition, Guess provides a link to a page on their website with the exact pieces of clothing shown in the pictures and a variety of similar products.  Have you ever spent hours popping in and out of stores in search of an outfit for a big night?  Because of this brilliant marketing strategy, you can find an outfit that you like in minutes.

Guess has done an amazing job adapting to the digital world and making shopping easy, fun and quick. With its digital marketing strategies, Guess has become much more than just a corporation; it has become a family of fashion-inspired customers filled with energy and excitement about the product.

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