Website dishes it out!

When it comes to marketing your brand, there’s no better place to centralize your activity then a personalized website. However, websites can be extremely tricky, so it is particularly important to make sure your website has purpose. There are many ways to ensure your website is purposeful, but the best way to do it is by following the subsequent steps.  

Young man sitting down eating a Taco

Inform Your Audience / Establish a Reputation:  Informing your audience about upcoming events, mission statements, changes to the company, etc. are all important in having a well rounded website. Basically if a consumer can come to your website and leave with more information than which they came, you have satisfied this need.  

Also, establishing a well reliable reputation in which consumers can trust you, as well as your website (ie. Upkeep of relevant information, quick Internet access) will help guarantee a purpose filled website.

Generate Leads: This is as easy as having an email sign up so customers can stay connected as well as having links to multiple social media outlets. 

Generate Sales: A leading factor in having a sustainable brand is marketing your product, and what better way to do that than have consumers do it for you. By using E-commerce and selling products online, consumers will be satisfied with the quick and easy process, and your brands name will continue to grow. 

Be Found: Is a key component in having a well rounded website.  Your website should be able to be found through key words on Google’s search engine as well as through various ads across social media and other platforms. 

Provide Customer Service: Company to consumer relationships are crucial in building up your website. Customers should be able, and encouraged to ask questions and be answered through FAQ’s and email links without hesitation. 

Now that you know the basics on how to build a reliable and purposeful website, lets look at a brand that exemplifies this process. is a website for the extremely well known and delicious fast food franchise Taco Bell. Taco Bell has been reinventing their brand within the last year or so, in order to connect with “millenials,” and the ever-changing times of society. In fact, Taco Bell is considered to be the leader in technology when it comes to fast foot restaurants. So there must be a reason for all this praise? Right? 

Well, right off the bat you can see why, Taco Bell’s website, which was released less than a week ago is so successful, LOOK AT THE NAME OF THAT WEBSITE! It couldn’t be any catchier. So that’s already step one down for Taco Bell, be found and remembered is in the bag. 

Secondly, Taco Bell has added a feature to their website known as “The Feed” where they are now constantly shooting out videos, articles, and blog posts that are fun, interesting, and relevant. Most recently, they followed a young woman who refers to herself as Taco Belle. This extremely talented woman creates articles of clothing out of materials she finds at Taco Bell. I don’t know about you but when I saw the link to that I just had to click it and see what this girl was up to! And that is exactly what Taco Bell wants me to do, I enjoy my time on their website, and they spread the word about their brand.  

Another thing that Taco Bell does right is their new, extremely customizable, Order Online feature. That’s right, you can now sit in the comfort of your own home and whip up a delicious Spanish-style meal. And the best part about it is, once you go to pick it up, you are ENCOURAGED to skip the line. Besides that, their is now a plentiful and I would even venture to say excessive (like seriously, they sell Taco Bell rings) amount of Taco Bell merchandise available for purchase. Generating sales? I think so! 

Well now that they’ve got Being Found, Informing their Audience, and Generating sales down, they don’t have much to go. Generating leads might be the simplest of tasks for Taco Bell. By simply entering their website you are given the option of exploring one of their many social media outlets. Also, you are prompted to download their app, where you may order your ‘Quesorito Cravings’ on the go. 

Lastly, providing customer service for their customers is extremely evident on the new website. You may easily access FAQ’s as well as e-mail links and a timeline of recent Taco Bell activity. Also, an extremely important addition to their website is the easily understandable nutrition facts, even for personalized orders. Whatever you need answered, I guarantee you’ll find it somewhere on the website. 

Many people believe that the goal of creating or revamping a website is to increase consumer traffic. However, they couldn’t be more wrong. Generating traffic through a website isn’t a goal, it’s a result of an increase of website purposefulness, and I believe that Taco Bell epitomizes that task.