Market the Beast!

Two young men promoting Monster Energy Drinks

Many American’s suffer from the same problem as I do, an addiction to caffeine. However, what do you do if you need caffeine but dislike coffee? The choice I have always gone with is Monster Energy. Sure there are many other big name energy drinks competing within the same market, but I believe that Monster is winning the game that is marketing. They are doing this in a variety of ways. They have branched themselves out like no other company in the industry of professional and extreme sports. They support numerous athletes and play host too many large events. From firsthand experience I can say that the Monster Energy team sure knows how throw a party.

Monster Energy and Red Bull dominate the energy drink industry. They do it in a very similar way, through high intensity action! The main market segment for energy drinks is younger males, and both companies know this. This allows them to focus on the things that get every young males attention such as motorsports and women. Both of these companies are involved with sports such as drifting, snowboarding, rally cross, and formula one. With a large population interested in these being the same target audience as those who typically drink energy drinks, it is easy publicity. The energy drink you choose may come down to your favorite driver, such as Monster’s Vaughn Gittin Jr. or Redbull’s Mike Whidett. These brands know this and try and hop on with who is most popular.

While Redbull slightly outsells Monster Energy, I still believe monster is doing more as a brand. This is because they have a much deeper product line which allows them to have a much larger market segmentation. Their products involve all of the traditional flavors of Monster Energy, Java Monster, Monster Rehab, Muscle Monster, Extra Strength, Punch, and Juice Monster. Each of these has their own specific target within the market. If you are in need of a protein drink, there is Muscle Monster. If you want something non-carbonated, refreshing. And healthier, there is Monster Rehab. I believe these new innovations are beginning to allow Monster Energy to control more of the Market and will increase their sales.

Cory RockComment