Inspiration...A look at buyer behavior

Two SparkShoppe marketing employees browsing online. Woman on the left using an Apple iPhone, woman on the right using an Apple iPad.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all seen something or heard something that makes us want to do something because we are so inspired. Without inspiration, we may still be sitting around, counting down the days, the hours, the minutes until the next episode of Awkward or The Walking Dead:  wasting our lives away..... 

But every so often some form of inspiration hits, and the people who are waiting for their lives to start get the push they need to do so. Apple does a very good job of inspiring the average consumer to do things better.  Apple appeals to people who just want to become better.  Just watch this vintage Apple commercial.   This spot makes you WANT to change the world, and how do you do that? By purchasing Apple products. Apple is targeting the people who are reaching for the esteem and self-actualization sections of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The ones who want to change the world, want to do something different, the ones who step out of the box and see the world differently.  The ones who aspire to be the next Ghandi or Einstein, but have yet to reach their full potential in life.

Apple has also succeeded in telling the customer why they should buy the product in way they can relate instead of listing off all the highlights of the product. They show you what you could be doing with their products.  Look at this commercial!  I would bet money that nearly every single person has listened to music doing at least one the tasks shown: from doing homework to working out. You could be an inventor, a musician, an executive; you could be successful, you could change the world. Every single person relates to the fact that they listen to music. Apple reveals so many different possibilities that people are just drawn to the products.  Even the music the ads play will make you feel inspired and want to do something more. To do something better.

Apple is one corporation that has built an empire. They can sell computers for double the price of what others charge, and still get people to buy them.  It shows what great marketing and technology they have created....and how they have been able to inspire us all to do better!

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