Segmentation Sells!

Apple season is here! No, not the ones that we eat, the ones that we use – those shiny pieces of new technology made by Apple Inc. While Apple is advertising their technologies, they use different segmentation methods to target different users and buyers.

There are five ways to target different buyers: Geographic, Demographic, Psychographic, Behavioral and Benefits Sought.  Apple Inc uses all those segmentation methods this year.

 Apple has different release dates for different countries.  This is one of the ways that Apple targets people by geographies. Countries that have the most iPhone fans and users or that have the possibility of generating the most sales gets the earliest release date.  Less profitable countries don’t get the new products that early.

The new rose gold color for iPhones sure have attracted tons of ladies out there, additionally the new rose gold Apple watch is also so pretty that people can’t resist. This new addition of color choice is how Apple tries to attract more people to buy their products.

 iPhone has different storage plans for people to choose from and people in different social classes and income will be able to choose according to their needs. And Apple has three different kinds of Apple watch so people can actually choose if they want the sport ones or the high end limited edition one. And this targets people in different social classes with different income.

 Apple introduced the new gigantic ipads and with that coming in the way, apple also introduce the keyboards and the apple pencil that people will buy together with ipads and this is another way that Apple is trying to generate more profit by introducing related products.

With all the colors and storage and plans to choose from, you can customize your Apple product. The new iPhone upgrade program attracts buyers who are loyal to Apple by letting you get a new iPhone every year and this attracts people who want to pay less for their iPhone.  This is how Apple attracts buyers – they tried to target different segments with distinct product positioning.

And this is what segmentation, targeting and positioning is all about – meaningful segmentation, effective targeting and clear positioning will result in better performance of a digital marketing plan.