Our Favorite Holiday Traditions

Holiday traditions make the season even more special.  Check out traditions from the SparkShoppe team below!  



  • Drive around with family to see the holiday lights.

  • Go to the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City Music Hall with my daughters and dear friend Cindy.

  • Watch Elf!



  • Bake a ton of cookies and send them to my friends and family members who I don’t get to see at Christmas.

  • Elf on the Shelf! We try to hide it in a different spot every night, but forget all the time and have to run down at 5am to hide it!

  • Making homemade pierogis and having them with dinner on Christmas Eve.

  • Banging pots and pans together to ring in the New Year.



  • Making potato latkes and playing dreidel during Hanukkah.

  • Decorating the Christmas Tree in silver and blue to support the Dallas Cowboys!

  • Watching The Santa Claus and  How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

  • Eating leftover Chinese takeout for dinner on Christmas Eve.

  • Drinking peppermint mocha lattes!



  • Decorating the Christmas Tree together while listening to Christmas music.

  • My friends and I have a big holiday dinner and instead of exchanging gifts we adopt a family or donate gifts to a charity organization instead!


  • Our family tradition is opening up one present on Christmas Eve and then proudly modeling our new pajamas!

  • My siblings and I also lay around the fireplace and read The Night Before Christmas before we go to sleep!


  • We have our big holiday dinner on Christmas Eve, there’s usually 30-40 people at my house!

  • Christmas morning my family takes turns opening presents one by one.

  • After opening presents Christmas Day is usually filled with a movie marathon.

Christmas Tree decorated with twinkle lights, bulbs and snowflake ornaments
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