Dollar Shave Club...Marketing that is @*&$# Great! By Kyle McKenna

Many of you have probably heard of Dollar Shave Club and know somebody who is a member. This wasn’t always the case because Dollar Shave Club is still a relatively new company. It was initially founded in July 2011 by Michael Dubin and Mark Levine. Basically Dollar Shave Club is a subscription service where the subscriber, or member as Michael Dubin calls them, pays a few bucks for the razor plus shipping and handling and gets them shipped monthly to their door. Michael Dubin founder and CEO of the company had a background in digital media marketing and that might be the reason why they are so well known now, but I’m getting ahead of myself. Although the company was founded in 2011 the website and service wasn’t available until 2012. When they opened up their online shop they also released a short, funny, and relatable viral video talking about how overpriced razors are and offering an alternative, which helped to create buzz for their service. The launch ended up being a huge success despite some technical difficulties with their website and within 2 weeks 12,000 members had subscribed! Dollar Shave Club really shook up the razor market and gave Gillette and other brand name razors a run for their money. In a recent article from Business Insider they said Dollar Shave Club is now valued at $615 million. It has paved the way for other companies like it such as Harry’s, which is another subscription based razor company. Although Dollar Shave Club still seems to be on top due to consistently funny content marketing on social networking and YouTube, they definitely need to watch their backs because Gillette is on to them!