Strongbow Knows Digital! by Alyssa Szalowski

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of social media? Facebook.  Being the largest social network in the world with 1.6 million users, Facebook is home to many different digital marketing campaigns and pages all over the world. With these substantial numbers of users, ignoring Facebook as a marketer is a non-option. Some of the most successful companies in this world use Facebook daily, and interact with their customers through this platform all of the time.

Through creating Pages, ads, and campaigns, businesses are given an inside look at what their customers are interested in, their demographics, and can target certain customers based on this information to reach specific groups. There are many effective Facebook tactics used by businesses to give their marketing purpose and meaning. Posting meaningful images, using hashtags and Facebook adds, as well as creating and scheduling posts to promote consistency, are just a few of the common tactics used by successful companies.

As a company, or business in a new area, needing to market their product to a new audience, what would a marketing department do? Well Strongbow Hard Cider turned to Facebook to increase their reach in a new market. Strongbow Hard Apple Ciders are imported into the United States market by Heineken USA, who is widely known and liked by beer drinkers. Strongbow is ranked as the #1 hard cider in the world, however they are relatively new to the United States.

The goal of Strongbow Hard Apple Cider was to build product awareness, drive trials, and boost in-store sales, especially within millennial customers. So how would they use Facebook to do this? Strongbow used Facebook to extend its campaign beyond TV. They created a video/photo ad to deliver three significant messages: Strongbow is better with ice, it is rated as the best-tasting hard cider in the US, and that it comes in a variety of flavors that everyone loves. To extend its campaign, they used the reach of Facebook to extend their video campaign, but they also used core targeting to reach all the right people using demographics. They also used the reach and frequency buying system by paying a small price to increase the amount of people that would be able to see their posts. Lastly, they hired a community management partner to answer all questions asked on posts about in-store purchasing, and general facts about the product.

Through Facebook, Strongbow saw great success in the months to come. As a company, they had a 14% lift in revenue, a 15% life in household penetration, and a 13% lift in revenue in mobile news feeds. Overall, Strongbow saw double digit growth trajectory from their Facebook drive and campaign. So when you think you can overlook Facebook as a core piece to your digital marketing efforts, THINK AGAIN!