DJ Khaled...The Art of Snapchat Self Promotion by Ronnie Goldberg

Three screenshots of DJ Khalid demonstrating his self promotion. The first screenshot features a selfie of Khalid with headphones on and the caption “let me inspire you.” Second screenshot features Khalid in the mirror with a bottle of mouthwash claiming “the key to more success trust me.” Third screenshot is Khalid brushing his teeth in the mirror with the caption “so important.”

Since this is a digital marketing course, I’ve decided to discuss the best digital marketer of 2015-2016.  That would be DJ Khaled.  Khaled has used his fame and large fan base to make money and grow his fame via the use of snapchat.  The ridiculousness and hilarity of his snaps are what initially grew such a huge following, but the way he has benefited is through promotion of other products such as apple Cîroc, Dove Soap, cocoa butter, and several others.  This became recognized by companies, and they would take action by sending him free products and in exchange he takes a snap of that product, and uploads the picture/video for millions of people to see.  For instance Rolex will send him a free watch and in exchange they get the exposure from millions of people who now see a celebrity wearing their upper echelon brand.  A very smart marketing ploy. 

In addition to the countless promotions he has made on his snapchat, he basically has started his own online business from his silly slogans that he says and sometimes yells in his snaps.  Catch phrases like “Bless up”, “Another one”, “Major Key”, “Just Know”, are all being thrown onto t-shirts and sold on his website.  He is successfully selling flip flops that say these slogans on them for $65 dollars apiece.  God bless America.  Even Khaled’s Chef who gets much attention on his snapchat is getting business opportunities of her own.

The art of self-promotion is displayed beautifully by DJ Khaled, and it truly is amazing how effective it can.  He went from a borderline celebrity to a mega superstar in about six months just by using the snapchat app.  It is amazing the world we live in, and how much technology has become an integral part of success in business and fame.  Both are exemplified by DJ Khaled to perfection.  

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