I Think I’ve Been Robbed By D.I.Y. by Marc Quail

Young man installing tile and grout as part of a DIY project

It’s date night, and you would like to do something fun yet a little low key, at a reasonable price. Lightbulb goes off! Let’s go to the movies. We’ll watch a Hollywood blockbuster in amazing pixel quality and sound that can’t be found outside of a movie theatre! We’ll have popcorn with melted butter and candy of any kind. Total cost of this entire experience circa 1999 was on average $12 per person.

Fast forward to today, and you will easily pay $30 per person. And let’s not forget the $2 up charge if you want to see the movie in 3D. The rising costs of the movie theatre experiences gave birth to the home movie cinema experience. The average American home has at least 3 T.V.’s., many with smart technology and ability to stream movies from the net. In addition to the excellent picture quality, the sound system technology has evolved to give a person sitting on their living room couch, the same, if not better sound quality than a state of the art movie theatre.

Welcome to the D.I.Y. nation. We can build our own additions, fix our own vehicles, and remodel our own kitchens, all by watching a series of YouTube videos that give us step by step instructions….for free! It was only a matter of time, before the food industry caught on and developed creative businesses that will turn the average American man or woman, into a 5 star culinary trained Chef!

Blue Apron is a company that will send you a perfectly proportioned package of farm fresh ingredients with step by step instructions on how to create a gourmet meal, right in the comfort of your own kitchen. No grocery store shopping, no waiting in line, no traveling to a restaurant, tipping the server, etc. You have a brilliantly calculated D.I.Y. experience that will let you be a gourmet chef one minute then transition into an average Joe with your pants unbuttoned, while drifting into a food coma on your couch, the next minute. What a way to impress your date and look like a guy that can do it all! This is genius.

I shamelessly admit that I have been seduced by the cost savings of a D.I.Y. project that I have inadvertently stole from the proverbial piggy bank that includes quality time with my family and friends. I have simply not outsourced many of the projects that are available to me via D.I.Y. The old adage that nothing is free is absolutely right. I might save money by eating at home and remodeling my own bathroom, but have I robbed by family’s piggy bank of quality time and memories with me? Is D.I.Y. really better? Or, is it just another perfectly seductive and amazingly attractive…..time suck? You do the math.