Marketing With Shoppable Video

With video popularity increasing, it makes sense that marketers are looking for ways to better utilize it in shoppers’ path to purchase. Shoppable video continues to gain traction as an advertising option among video content platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Online Shoppable Video

Screenshot of “Nike - Dream With Us” YouTube video featuring a shoppable section of products recommended by Nike beneath the video description.

Shoppable videos allow users to click and browse related products from within the video. This feature has been slowly rolled out on YouTube to eligible brands and content creators since 2015. Shoppable YouTube videos display products featured in the video on a sidebar. Clicking the items bring the viewer to the brand’s website, where they can continue shopping or check out. YouTube is also continuing to roll out shopping options beneath videos, displaying recommended items below video descriptions.

This feature works in conjunction with Google Express, Google’s online shopping platform. The products featured in the recommended section link to their respective Google Express checkout page where the user can complete the transaction.

This advertising format will be available to all advertisers later this year as a part of “Discovery Ad Campaigns,” according to updates announced at the 2019 Google Marketing Live.

Shoppable Television

NBC Universal is launching a new program for advertisers that integrates shopping into traditional television. The program will display QR codes of products on the screen. Scanning the QR code displayed takes the viewer directly to the ecommerce site.

NBC Universal stated this advertising program is designed to eliminate friction points in the consumer journey. The goal is to increase conversion rates; if a viewer sees a product they like on the television, they can have the option to purchase immediately. This format creates a direct sales channel for brands and advertisers.

Shoppable video is one of several new advertising platforms that keep TV competitive with digital advertising. NBC Universal has also partnered with Sky to create targeted TV advertising. This partnership would allow advertisers to target viewers based on household interests.

NBC is also utilizing machine learning to make ad placement more efficient. The new “Context Intelligence Platform” will analyze television program scripts to determine which ads would have the most relevant and effective placement. TV advertisers have been doing this for years, however, utilizing machine learning will decrease the manpower needed to implement this practice effectively on a large scale.

Shoppable Social

With the development of native checkout options for Facebook and Instagram announced at F8, shoppers can expect to see an increase in shopping options for both platforms. Instagram has already rolled out a “Products” tag that can be added to stories and posts for select brands. Clicking on the tag takes the viewer directly to a checkout page for the clicked product.

At F8, Facebook also announced plans to increase the usage of “Marketplace,” including checkout and shipping options for sellers. We anticipate that this will set the foundation for a new advertising format to include direct sales on the platform, including shoppable video.

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