How to Use Twitter for Marketing

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For many companies, Twitter is only used to share content such as a new blog post, product release, or other newsworthy events. However, just using Twitter in this manner is ineffective and companies are missing many opportunities to connect with potential customers. Follow these tips to start growing your Twitter presence and engaging with your audience!

  1. Brand-Oriented: When using any type of social media in business, it is very important to keep content relevant to the brand. Your business’ Twitter account should be used to promote your business, business goals, and industry-related information.

  2. Interact with Others: Twitter was developed to be a microblogging platform full of interactions. Part of your Twitter strategy, should include interacting with your followers. Staying up-to-date with Twitter notifications, mentions, and direct messages is important to show followers that your business is interested in feedback they are sharing. This is especially important if Twitter is a part of your customer service strategy. If a consumer has an issue or a complaint, they expect a response in a timely manner, and in most cases some kind of solution.

  3. Tweet Often: In order for consumers to have top-of-mind awareness about the business, the business should tweet often, once a day is a good place to start, but keep in mind that in tweeting once a day, your message may get lost in your followers’ feeds. It is suggested that businesses tweet 10-15 times per day, including retweets and comments.

  4. Retweet and Mention Others in Original Tweets: Retweeting other business’ tweets and content relevant to your business will help to establish connections in the public and will allow your brand to be noticed by new people if other brands retweet tweets that you have mentioned them in.

  5. Schedule Tweets in Advance: Create a content calendar to plan out when certain tweets will be posted. Planning and scheduling content in advance will allow you to be prepared if you get busy or don’t have time to come up with a tweet on a daily basis.

  6. ‘Like’ Other’s Tweets: Show some love to other business’ and followers’ tweets especially if they are complementing your business.

  7. Keep Tweets Short and Conversational: Twitter is a casual social media network which is why it is important to keep a conversational, engaging tone in your business’ tweets.

  8. Follow Trends: Keep an eye on trending topics and join in when it’s relevant and appropriate for your brand to do so. Jumping onto a popular hashtag should be done with caution to make sure the topic makes sense and does not hurt your brand image.

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