Jaclyn Hill...Digital-Saavy!

Today’s society recognizes that companies that are digital-savvy retain a stronger, more loyal customer base and have better reviews from customers.  Traditional mom & pop shops and corporations alike have been quick to use social media and digital platforms in their marketing activities, and so have people who are service providers or are their own brand, such as Jaclyn Hill.  Jaclyn Hill is a Tampa, Florida-based makeup artist who does free-lance makeup work and creates tutorials on YouTube.  Jaclyn is a mastermind in connecting with her fans and customers on YouTube, creating her own products through joint ventures, and marketing herself.  Jaclyn has done all of this and more all before turning 24 years old. 

Many people will look at Jaclyn and groan and say “oh, she’s just another YouTuber.  Who cares?”  Who cares?  Her 2,000,000+ YouTube subscribers, 1.7 million Instagram followers, and 300,000+ Twitter followers certainly do.  Jaclyn has grown a cult-like following for two particular reasons: her ability to market herself on social media and using social media to her advantage to connect with her fans and customers, and scoring product development deals with major cosmetics brands through her social media presence.

With social media, it’s so easy to do too much or too little.  Jaclyn finds the perfect balance by taking an allotted amount of time out of her day dedicated solely to her work on all platforms.  She will spend time exclusively on her accounts responding to comments.  She then will talk or tweet about her new product deals or videos.  Finally, she’ll talk with the big-name companies about new deals or the state of her current deals, which she is dying to promote on her accounts.  It’s a lot on Jaclyn’s plate, but she mixes her paid deals in with self-promotion in a very well thought-out plan.  Jaclyn does all of this and then films, edits, and uploads her videos, which is the core of her brand and image.  She films the videos with her paid product placement looking very natural, as if you wouldn’t even know it was staged, and completes a makeup look based on what her fans want to see her do.  She then shares the video on all her accounts, which fans anticipate heavily.  Jaclyn has a knack for blending all aspects of her business into one cohesive image and video and promotes it uniformly on her accounts.

Jaclyn, without a doubt, knows how to connect with millennials.  Typically, there is not a single millennial Snapchat user who wants to see a promotion on Snapchat.  They want to see their friends and fun, exciting events.  Jaclyn captures these sentiments to make sure her content on Snapchat is relevant and interesting to her fans.  For example, Jaclyn recently filmed a question and answer video for YouTube in which she asked fans to Snapchat her questions they want her to answer.  Her fans loved the idea of Jaclyn engaging with them and would be stoked to see her answer their very own question.  Jaclyn was working her genius to turn these questions and answers into a mega-popular video on her channel and grow her brand and income, but her fans probably didn’t even think of that—they just thought of their favorite YouTube star really caring about her subscribers.  This video as well as Jaclyn randomly commenting on her fans’ Twitters and Instagram profiles and YouTube comments gives her a down-to-earth image, which makes fans so much more likely to keep watching her videos and supporting her.

Another stroke of Jaclyn’s genius is through her presence on social media and the connections it gives her with cosmetics companies.  Currently, Jaclyn has deals with the brands Sigma Beauty, Gerard Cosmetics, Becca Cosmetics, and Morphe Cosmetics.  Jaclyn has developed numerous products or agreed to product placement deals with these companies, a win-win for Jaclyn and each brand.  The brand gets the benefit of Jaclyn blowing up her social media accounts with these products or featuring them in her videos, which increase brand recognition and sales due to the good word of Jaclyn.  Jaclyn in turn amps up her prestige as an artist since she is working with such influential brands and gets to feature them on her social media accounts—a privilege that many YouTubers are very jealous of. 

Jaclyn has mentioned in videos time and time again how she became the person she is and is not afraid to share that on social media.  Whether it’s with her subscribers or doing business with cosmetics companies, Jaclyn brings a social media presence that is unlike anything the beauty industry has ever seen.