What Happens in Vegas Should Just Stay There!

SparkShoppe! marketing firm, Heidi Reale, displaying a bottle of “Freakshow” red wine.

You're a senior, you are on the hunt for the perfect job or the desirable grad school or...a "soulmate"!  We all want to stand for something.  You all used adjectives on your student info forms.  Adjectives like "hardworking, motivated, determined, loyal, creative, etc".  These words represent the essence of your brand.  

Flash forward to your last semester and you enroll in this "freakshow" of a class....Digital Marketing, where the professor intends to transform your social presence from Animal House to Full House!   

You start tweeting at her and she is NOT surprised to find out that sometimes you have trouble standing upright, your favorite earthly possession is your red solo cup and that you don't own a shirt!  Holy unemployment line Batman!

At the end of the day, you must make your brand stand out to those who matter with profile pictures representing your professional brand essence, and not what you did last Friday night on your Vegas trip.  Some details and images are best kept private!