Let's Get Personal!

Today, you probably realized that your entire world is built around content whether it be physical or intangible. Digital content marketing has risen significantly and the evidence is all around us. Content needs to be ENGAGING, SHAREABLE and STRATEGIC.

Everyone loves engaging content that is relatable in some valuable way of meaning. I find myself at least spending at least 2 hours a day “liking” and “sharing” content. Digital marketers are the ones behind the scenes coordinating and creating content to share with their target audiences their services or products. The whole idea of content marketing is for marketers to strategically think of ways the audience will be entertained with the subtle hints of their products or services.

Gif of a group of young professionals dressed in business wear running into the ocean with text overlay that says “Time to graduate”

The digital marketers who allow their audiences to customize their own content for specific campaigns enter in what I call a “paradox”. The word paradox can be defined as self-contradictory. Allowing society to have ability to customize content opens the door for your brand or service to be negatively framed even though the idea of personal customizing content to audiences sounds amazing. The option for society to create content on behalf of your brand meets all the criteria for what content needs to be. However, look at what Coca-Cola, one of the biggest brands in the world results when leading a personal customization of content campaign.


Coca-Cola, one of the biggest name brand soft drink in the world, suffered negative results from their own audiences. So this makes you ask yourself…is user generated content good or bad for brands? Some people have a positive outlook that all people are good people but sometimes this is not the case. This is where the paradox comes into play, allowing society customize content is a good way to get audiences engaged and sharing your brand but at what cost? If society is going to personally create content that hurts your brand, is personal customization of content worth it? Coca-Cola is a big and powerful brand, that can take the risk of using such a marketing content strategy but small brands should think further on whether or not they would do the same!