SparkShoppe #NoFilter

As this is our 4th week in our new venture, I wanted to (in)formally introduce the official SparkShoppe team.  We are beyond excited to be a part of StartUpNY and wanted to share  a bit about the women entrepreneurs we are!

Sparkshoppe marketing team. Heidi Reale (left), Megan Handford (rear), Maritza Figliozzi (right), Megan Finin (front).
  • Heidi Reale is our fearless leader, OG (original girlboss) and presidente. She is a change agent, forward thinker, marketing professor and always full of energy.

  • Meagan Handford is our VEEP and her organizational skills are top notch. She is a brand enthusiast, Pittsburgh native, and CPG marketing extraordinaire.

  • Maritza Figliozzi is our secret selling weapon. She sells each of our marketing programs with a smile on her face and moves more cases than a double tractor-trailer.

  • As for myself, Megan Finin, I am our digital and social marketing guru. I do a lot of the behind-the-scenes Google work and am the self-proclaimed IT professional of the group.

SparkShoppe is our name and shopper marketing is our game.  We thought the name personified our group, as we’re energetic, passionate, hard working and ‘sparky.'  Heidi put it well when she said, "when four women marketers all agree on a name, you go with it- don’t ask questions."

While we all enjoy a good red wine and spin class, it is the diverse talents and skill sets we bring that make us successful.  Stay tuned for more from the SparkShoppe team including our #officespace adventures!