Guinness Gives Back with UGC

Social Media has quickly become a medium to not only stay connected with friends and family, but also to enact change and raise awareness for social issues. Brands are put in a very unique position, as their messaging reaches hundreds of thousands of followers through their various platforms. Many companies take advantage of their audience to raise awareness and also involve followers with their brand. Whether it’s encouraging users to use a branded hashtag or share photos with their friends using branded Snapchat filters, it promotes user engagement which is any marketer's dream.

With Saint Patrick’s Day right around the corner, Guinness, usually categorized as one of the world’s most popular Irish beers, is taking a more charitable approach to the holiday this year. One of the trademarks of drinking a Guinness Draught is the “Guinness Stache” one gets while enjoying the brewery's flagship beer. To play on this, Guinness has started a #StacheforCharity social campaign. For every photo taken with the hashtag of either your own mustache or one enhanced by Guinness, they will donate one dollar to the Guinness Gives Back Fund which supports organizations that help to bring unity to communities.

The campaign encourages users to engage with the brand on social media, while also creating ample amounts of user-generated content.  Additionally, it expands the brand’s reach beyond their own followers. In addition to the positive awareness, it takes a holiday which is often considered a rowdy, free-for-all and turns it into something heartwarming. The campaign is much more than Guinness donating to a charitable cause, it is forging a sense of community among Guinness drinkers. In the promo video on their Facebook page, a Guinness representative approaches those enjoying a pint of Guinness to share the pint with him and they begin to discuss to the classic “Guinness Stache.” The message in the video is clear, it is not about drinking, it’s about coming together.